Print awesome minis at home!

Every month you will receive dozens of high quality minis ready to print. Click below to check this month's bundle.


Get your loot

Every month you will receive a bundle with highly detailed minis STL files. With a fantasy RPG theme, you will have a lot of heroes, monsters and objects for your collection.

Easy to print

Our files are pre supported as 32mm and 75mm minis for resin 3D printers. Just choose your model and print it!

Paint it!

You will get access to an exclusive painting guide every month, where you will learn how to paint the bundle's miniatures.

Premium Quality Models

Our lead 3D artist, Alvaro Ribeiro, has years of experience working as sculptor for the best collectibles companies in the world, like Prime1, XM Studios and Tsume Art.

A Helping Hand at Painting your Figures

Márcia Georgina, our miniature painter, will record and share the full painting process of each bundle's boss, so you can learn a lot of cool tips!

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