Night Hunters

This bundle will be available in October 2022.

Loup Garou - (L)

(Hero) - Jeanne Byrne - Grave Cleric (M)

(Hero) - Amber Tepes - Dhampir Duelist (M)

(Hero) - Roderick Vanherald - Human Paladin (M)

(Hero) - Roderick Vanherald - Hybrid Form (M)

Plague Doctor (M)

(Boss) - Lord Crimson, Demonic Vampire (M)

Ghost of Brienne Crimson (M)

Dire Werewolf (M)

Werewolf - (M)

Werewolf - Humanoid Form (M) and Transforming Werewolf (M)

Nosferatu (M)

Master Puppet (M)

Vampiric Child (S)

Headless Horseman (L)

Object - Stagecoach

Objects - Horses

Objects - NH Modular Walls


Objects - NH Trees

Prop - Werewolf Necklace and Vampire Necklace