Death Speed Champions

This bundle will be available on October 15th, 2022.

Richard Royce and Doge - (M)

RR&D Flying Dutchman - Vehicle

Agnes, Veteran Racer - (M)

The Pumbasher - Vehicle

Clay, Jetboard Swordsman - Standing - (M)

Clay, Jetboard Swordsman - Surfing - Vehicle

“Dangerdawg" Murphy, Fanatic Trucker - (M)

Deadly Freight - Vehicle

Alexis, Dino Rider - (M)

Cyber-Rex - Vehicle

Boryslav, Wasteland Survivor - (M)

The Endurance - Vehicle

Demolition Jenny - (M)

Sport Armored Tank - Vehicle

Sasha, the Gazelle - (M)

Ostrich Booster - Vehicle

Skullotor, the Horned Rider - (M)

The Bandido - Vehicle

Police Support - (M)

Police Interceptor- Vehicle

"Vox" Viv, Race Announcer - (L)

Objects - Startline screen

Objects - Death Speed Trophy and Podium

Prop - Bobble Head Agnes