Mercs and Miners 

This bundle will be available in May 15th, 2022.

Core, Robotic Envoy (M)

Grooze, the Morphic Ooze (M)

Korut, the Mechappilian (M)

Torcher, Orcaid Lightbearer (M)

Letty, Bionic Brawler (M)

Business Brainlord (M)

Brain Overlord (L)

Nimbus Gunslinger (M)

Psychic Brainlant (M)

Metal Thug 1 & 2(M)

Spinakant Thug (M)

Barbazian Thug (M)

Dwarf Miner (M)

Flamethrower Dwarf (M)

Ore Inspector Bot (M)

Objects - Ship

Objects - Ship Landing Pad

Objects - Time Portal

Objects - Driller Drone

Objects - Driller Mining Cart

Objects - Mining Cart

Objects - Loaded Mining Cart

Objects - Crystals