The journey begins!

Looking for glory and treasures, our heroes started a journey. In each month, they will fight different and powerful enemies.

The Silent Coin Tavern (Welcome Pack)

This is the classic tavern from the RPGs. Where the journey starts.

-Cormah Shasan
-Jhonny Trinity
-Sunathaer Caex
-Bashir Khan
-Gardaing Firebeard
-Vanchu Spinebreaker
-The Bard
-Mysterious Man
-Tavern Keeper
-13 tavern objects

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Orconspiracy (Jan/21)

Marauders seem to be plaguing Panshaw’s outskirts near Flimbey Woods. Merchant caravans fail to arrive and the town is starting to run low on supplies. Tracks indicate the assailants are humanoids, and a lone survivor from an attack identifies them: orcs. But it was not a regular orc raid; multiple tribes seem to be working together.

Madam Ave prophesied Panshaw’s doom was linked to the orcs’ commotion. It falls upon a group of brave adventurers to locate the orcish settlement and best all leaders in order to save Panshaw from famine. After dealing with some scouts, our heroes are able to locate all 4 orcish leaders: Orgug Lots-Of-Bolts, an orcish king; Grub the One-Eyed, an orcish religious zealot; Goro, a half-orc half-ogre; and last, but definitely not least, Orguss, the Tall, a green dragon!

Each one of our heroes faces one of the leaders in single combat, and after emerging victorious, all three join forces against Orguss, a formidable opponent. It was no easy task, but Panshaw is safe once more! Among the leaders’ belongings were some ominous orcish writings, apparently religious, regarding some sort of artifact, the Missing Eye of Gorgu. Meh, what do we care, it’s probably some primitive mumbo-jumbo.

- Orguss, the Tall (Boss) (L)
- Orc Shaman (M)
- Orc Warrior - Male (M)
- Orc Warrior - Female (M)
- Orc Archer (M)
- Goro (M)
- Grub the One-Eyed (M)
- Orgug Lots-Of-Bolts (M)
- Lazgar Devoted (M)
- Auroch Rider (L)
- Troll (L)
- Wereboar (M)
- Madam Ave (M)
- Merric Tealeaf (S)
- Natasha Blaine (M)
- Orianna Phelaia (M)
- 16 Scenary Objects
- 4 Busts

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Granny's Prophecy (Feb/21)

After clearing the orc encampment and reestablishing Panshaw’s supply routes, the adventurers were met with a grand celebration. In their sleep, however, all three of them had dreadful visions. An old crone spoke in their haunted nightmares “Foolish mortals, you have doomed us all! The prophecy foretold Goro, the half-orc, half-ogre, was meant to protect all of the multiverse, and you have slain him! Now we are all helpless against what is to come… I, Grandmother Agnes, will see to it that you’re as miserable as a toad in a cooking cauldron until the end of your days!”

It seemed as if they had not slept one bit, given how weary our heroes awoke. Though their brains were foggy, their next move was clear: they had to get rid of Granny Agnes fast, or face death by sleep deprivation.

As the journey to the hag’s lair went on, our heroes grew ever more tired, as their dreams were plagued with unrestful visions. When they finally arrived, they found not a lone hag, but a whole coven along with a multitude of minions! They’ve got to fight to sleep!

- Crowman (M)
- Shadow Mastiff - Male (M)
- Living Armor (M)
- Ogre (L)
- Ogre Mage (L)
- Fire Skull (T)
- Shambling Mound (L)
- Green Hag (Boss 1) (M)
- Night Hag (Boss2) (M)
- Annis Hag (Boss 3)(L)
- John Gareth (Male Human Witch - Hunter) (S)
- Thevius (Male Tiefling Inquisitor) (M)
- Mary Arsys (Female Half-Elf Ranger) (M)
- Hansel and Gretel (NPCs) (S)
- 10 Scenery Objects
- 3 Busts
- Hag’s House
- A base to displays all Hags as a Diorama
- Printable Map

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The Oasis (Mar/21)





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Old Adventures


(Jun/20 - Sep/20)

In June we created our first adventure with different heroes and encounters :)


(Oct/20 - Dec/20)

This is our second adventure :)