Meet Our Heroes

We have three brave heroes in a journey for glory. Each month, they will fight different enemies, getting new items and abilities.

Gardain Firebeard

Gardain Stoutale, son of Alberich Stoutale, was raised to be a brewmaster, as was tradition in his family. However, his constant contact with ale led him down a dark path, and instead of a brewmaster, he became a drunken brawler, who brought much shame to the Stoutale clan. Luckily, he found a way out in church, and took a sacred oath to never drink again, and to fight only when necessary or against evil and injustice. As the years passed by, Gardain Firebeard became a valorous paladin in the Bright Vanguard adventuring company, alongside Vanchu and Bashir, and now brawls against evil while sober!

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Vanchu Spinebreaker

Vanchu Spinebreaker is the daughter of a human and an orc of the Spinebreaker tribe. Her orcish heritage gave her tons of physical strength, and as the tribe’s strongest, she was the next-in-line to be Chieftain. She was, however, much too strong to live a life like that, and deserted the Spinebreakers to become an adventurer. As the years passed by, Vanchu joined the Bright Vanguard adventuring company, alongside Gardain and Bashir, and while she may not know how to read, she surely knows how to kick ass!

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Bashir Khan

Bashir Khan had a regular upbringing - up until the point when he had a life-changing encounter. One day, he was out playing in the dunes around the city, when he slipped into a sandpit which led him into another plane, the home of a noble genie. “You have entered my fief, mortal creature. Though you may not suspect it now, your future shows great promise. Shall we make a pact?” Bashir was filled with the genie’s elemental power and returned to his original plane to become a great adventurer in the Bright Vanguard adventuring company, alongside Gardain and Vanchu, and occasionally runs some errands for his genie master.

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The journey begins!

Looking for glory and treasures, our heroes started a journey. In each month, they will fight different and powerful enemies.

The Silent Coin Tavern (Welcome Pack)

This is the classic tavern from the RPGs. Where the journey starts.

-Cormah Shasan
-Jhonny Trinity
-Sunathaer Caex
-The Bard
-Mysterious Man
-Tavern Keeper
-13 tavern objects

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Expedition to the Underworld (Oct/20)

After another of their adventures, the Bright Vanguard was contacted by the dwarven kingdom of Vor Loduhr, where Gardain was born. “Dark Elf activity is on the rise, and they seem more bloodthirsty than ever.” The adventuring company packed their provisions for a long journey on Ironhorn, Gardain's trusty goat, and went on an expedition to the Underworld! On their way, they end up meeting a friendly dark elf in need. She informs our heroes that the dark elf queen has changed from water to wine: she transformed into a tyrant who demands expansion and oppresses her own kin! Tensions are high in the dark elf kingdom - political prisoners - rumours of a civil war brewing. Gardain is determined to free the dark elf from the evil harassing them while sparing the innocent, and so the group faces an “alternative” route filled with monsters, so they can reach the palace to strike a surgical strike at the head of the serpent, fighting the royal guard and removing the queen from her throne, giving power to the people and bringing peace to the Underworld! In her dying breath, the queen whispers: “Thank you for saving my people, heroes, some evil force had taken control over my thoughts… Now both them and me are free…”

Iniha, Drow Queen (Boss) (M)
- Giant Spider (L)
- Cloaker (L)
- Basilisk (M)
- Drider (L)
- Drow Warrior Female (M)
- Drow Warrior Male (M)
- Drow Priestess (M)
- Drow Arachnomancer (M)
- Bulette (L)

- Vanchu Spinebreaker (Half Orc Barbarian)
- Gardain Firebeard (Dwarf Paladin)
- Bashir Khan (Human Warlock)
- Shiza Gallar (Friendly drow)
- Goldenhorn (Gardain's companion)

- 15 Scenery Objects

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Going Down the Drain (Nov/20)




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Old Adventure (Jun/20 - Sep/20)

In June we created our first adventure with different heroes and encounters :)