The journey begins!

Looking for glory and treasures, our heroes started a journey. In each month, they will fight different and powerful enemies.

The Silent Coin Tavern (Welcome Pack)

This is the classic tavern from the RPGs. Where the journey starts.

-Cormah Shasan
-Jhonny Trinity
-Sunathaer Caex
-Bashir Khan
-Gardaing Firebeard
-Vanchu Spinebreaker
-The Bard
-Mysterious Man
-Tavern Keeper
-13 tavern objects

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It's a(nother) Trap! (July/21)

It seems Panshaw is being harassed at night by small reptilians. "Kobolds", the adventurers thought. Kind of weird that they're this bold, but who cares. While some felt the beasts were beneath them, and others secretly trembled in fear of their ingenious traps, a group of bounty hunters accepted the task. Finding the kobolds' lair was no problem - the problems began inside it.

A small opening on the side of an inactive volcano led into twisting tunnels. It was truly cramped, except for the smallest adventurer, and maneuvering inside it was nearly impossible. After a while crawling in those tunnels, the heroes-to-be reached an opening with a crude bridge. While being able to stretch their legs was a welcome change, their first true challenge was getting across a gaping chasm.

They managed to get to the other side, but not without accidentally wrecking the bridge. Not only was there no going back, but the reptilians also heard the commotion, and manned their defenses. While part of the group was excited to bash kobold skulls, others started questioning their decisions that led them there. Either way, there was only one way: forward.

Through collapsing tunnels, guerrilla attacks, murder holes with unending poisonous critters, boiling oil and caltrops, to name a few, our heroes eventually made their way to what seemed to be an inhabited zone. They first came across a sign written in draconic. It read "BAD BEAR", with a drawn kobold skull "EATS KOBOLDS", and pointed to the left. To the right, another arrow read "KOBOLD VILLAGE - MUCH FOODS".

After seeing their home, where they grow food, and how they tend to their young, fighting them became tougher. Now battered and bruised, the party also lost their morale, but they had no choice. It might not be as glamorous as the songs, but it's how it had to be.

A central chamber, which was far bigger than all the previous ones, had mining gear all around the walls. There, the final showdown was bound to happen. The mightiest kobolds were ready to fight - sorcerers, shamans, riders and even flying kobolds. Even other reptilians joined them! They all had one thing driving their will: to protect the master, the sacred dragon!

- Alexandra Uthgarde (Human Paladin) (M)
- Brocc "Badger" Garrick (Gnome Barbarian) (S)
- Mirsudirth (Human Draconic Sorcerer) (M)
- Black Bear (M)
- Dire Weasel Rider (M)
- Flying Kobold (S)
- Giant Lizard (L)
-Kobold Arbalist (S)
- Kobold Beast-Wrangler (S)
- Kobold Miner (S)
- Kobold Shaman (S)
- Kobold Sorcerer (S)
- Kobold Spearman (S)
- Kobold Trapmaker (S)
- Lizardfolk (M)
- Lizard Rider (L)
- Monitor Lizard (M)
- Troglodyte (M)
- Red Dragon Wyrmling (M) (Boss)
- Captive Gnome (S)
- Gnome Barbecue (S)
- 11 Scenery Objects
- 4 Busts
- Printable Map and Encounter Guide


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Toll Collectors! (Aug/21)


Though the dragon was only a wyrmling, a peculiar relic was present in his hoard. The bounty hunters detected it was magic, but couldn’t find out what its powers were. As their greed drove them to an antique specialist in Panshaw, a better appraisal linked the design to the Manros, an ancient empire that spanned much of the continent’s land.

It seemed the relic itself did not hold power, but was instead some kind of key of the Manros. Panshaw held no ruins of its own, but a close city, New Mero, was built on top of some ruins, which are mostly unexplored. Hoping to get their hands on some ancient artifact, the adventurers set off to New Mero. “Beware of bandits, the roads aren’t safe!”

On their journey, our heroes reached a bridge crossing a river. A group of armed individuals stood guard there. “Oi, mate, you gots to pay the toll to cross the bridge!” As they looked the adventurers from head to toe and spotted fat purses, some started grinning “It’s 1.000 gold pieces - each!” Not wanting to part with their hard earned gold, and fearing for their relic, the heroes decided to pay the toll in blood!


- Amanda Bloodletter (Half-Orc Rogue) (M)
- Harold the Town Guard (Human Fighter) (M)
- Nortle (Turtlefolk Monk) (M)
- Bajok Bloodletter (M)
- Bajok Bloodletter On Horse (L)
- Crossbowman (M)
- Elf Arcane Trickster (M)
- Female Bearded Dwarf Brawler (M)
- Goblin Grenadier (S)
- Guard Dog (M)
- Half Elf Archer (M)
- Half Elf Rogue (M)
- Halfling Rogue (S)
- Half Ogre Bandit (L)
- Half Orc Brute (M)
- Ratfolk Swashbuckler (S)
- 17 Scenery Objects
- 4 Busts
- Printable Map and Encounter Guide

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Stinky Ancient Ruins (Sep/21)


Now in New Mero, the adventurers were off to the underground ruins. The city’s sewers are a remnant of the Manros civilization and are fully functional, but largely unexplored.

An ecosystem of its own, the sewers were home to many different creatures, from tiny rats, to giant rats, oozes, and otyughs. As the bounty hunters descended deeper into the damp ancient ruins, the remains of past explorers indicated traps and other magical defenses ahead, such as fragile wood plank bridges, elementals and undead.

The end of the tunnels led to a sealed gate with a mix of drawings and inscriptions. Much of the message was lost on them, except for “beware”, “powerful” and “location”. As the relic was fitted in the gate, complex mechanisms started moving and spinning, and it opened. A moldy smell came out, and a deep, unintelligible voice echoed coming from the dark chamber. A final guardian stood in front of the stinking adventurers, who decided to fight for their Loot!


  • Elislone Olaven (Half-Elf Necromancer) (M)
  • Enrico the Plum-Druid (Human Druid) (M)
  • Yongrud Dimtank (Dwarven Defender) (M)
  • Balding Giant Rat (S)
  • Carrion Golem (boss) (L)
  • Clawed Zombie (L)
  • Drill Automaton (M)
  • Dust Mephit (S)
  • Otyugh (L)
  • Piper Spirit (M)
  • Rat Swarm (M)
  • Rust Monster (M)
  • Sewer Cleaner (M)
  • Well-Fed Gelatinous Cube (L)
  • Wererat (M)
  • Crazy Beggar (M)
  • 12 Scenery Objects
  • 4 Busts
  • Printable Map and Encounter Guide

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Buried Tomb (Oct/21)





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Old Adventures


(Jun/20 - Sep/20)

In June we created our first adventure with different heroes and encounters :)


(Oct/20 - Dec/20)

This is our second adventure :)


(Jan/21 - Jun/21)

This is our third adventure :)