The journey begins!

Looking for glory and treasures, our heroes started a journey. Each month, they will fight different and powerful enemies.

The Silent Coin Tavern (Welcome Pack)

This is the classic tavern from the RPGs. Where the journey starts.

-Cormah Shasan
-Jhonny Trinity
-Sunathaer Caex
-Bashir Khan
-Gardaing Firebeard
-Vanchu Spinebreaker
-The Bard
-Mysterious Man
-Tavern Keeper
-13 tavern objects

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Orconspiracy (Jan/21)

Marauders seem to be plaguing Panshaw’s outskirts near Flimbey Woods. Merchant caravans fail to arrive and the town is starting to run low on supplies. Tracks indicate the assailants are humanoids, and a lone survivor from an attack identifies them: orcs. But it was not a regular orc raid; multiple tribes seem to be working together.

Madam Ave prophesied Panshaw’s doom was linked to the orcs’ commotion. It falls upon a group of brave adventurers to locate the orcish settlement and best all leaders in order to save Panshaw from famine. After dealing with some scouts, our heroes are able to locate all 4 orcish leaders: Orgug Lots-Of-Bolts, an orcish king; Grub the One-Eyed, an orcish religious zealot; Goro, a half-orc half-ogre; and last, but definitely not least, Orguss, the Tall, a green dragon!

Each one of our heroes faces one of the leaders in single combat, and after emerging victorious, all three join forces against Orguss, a formidable opponent. It was no easy task, but Panshaw is safe once more! Among the leaders’ belongings were some ominous orcish writings, apparently religious, regarding some sort of artifact, the Missing Eye of Gorgu. Meh, what do we care, it’s probably some primitive mumbo-jumbo.

- Orguss, the Tall (Boss) (L)
- Orc Shaman (M)
- Orc Warrior - Male (M)
- Orc Warrior - Female (M)
- Orc Archer (M)
- Goro (M)
- Grub the One-Eyed (M)
- Orgug Lots-Of-Bolts (M)
- Lazgar Devoted (M)
- Auroch Rider (L)
- Troll (L)
- Wereboar (M)
- Madam Ave (M)
- Merric Tealeaf (S)
- Natasha Blaine (M)
- Orianna Phelaia (M)
- 16 Scenary Objects
- 4 Busts

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Granny's Prophecy (Feb/21)

After clearing the orc encampment and reestablishing Panshaw’s supply routes, the adventurers were met with a grand celebration. In their sleep, however, all three of them had dreadful visions. An old crone spoke in their haunted nightmares “Foolish mortals, you have doomed us all! The prophecy foretold Goro, the half-orc, half-ogre, was meant to protect all of the multiverse, and you have slain him! Now we are all helpless against what is to come… I, Grandmother Agnes, will see to it that you’re as miserable as a toad in a cooking cauldron until the end of your days!”

It seemed as if they had not slept one bit, given how weary our heroes awoke. Though their brains were foggy, their next move was clear: they had to get rid of Granny Agnes fast, or face death by sleep deprivation.

As the journey to the hag’s lair went on, our heroes grew ever more tired, as their dreams were plagued with unrestful visions. When they finally arrived, they found not a lone hag, but a whole coven along with a multitude of minions! They’ve got to fight to sleep!

- Crowman (M)
- Shadow Mastiff - Male (M)
- Living Armor (M)
- Ogre (L)
- Ogre Mage (L)
- Fire Skull (T)
- Shambling Mound (L)
- Green Hag (Boss 1) (M)
- Night Hag (Boss2) (M)
- Annis Hag (Boss 3)(L)
- John Gareth (Male Human Witch - Hunter) (S)
- Thevius (Male Tiefling Inquisitor) (M)
- Mary Arsys (Female Half-Elf Ranger) (M)
- Hansel and Gretel (NPCs) (S)
- 10 Scenery Objects
- 3 Busts
- Hag’s House
- A base to displays all Hags as a Diorama
- Printable Map

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The Oasis (Mar/21)


After defeating the coven, the adventurers and the hags come to an agreement. Granny Agnes tells our heroes they have both the strength and moral duty of taking on Goro's mission to save the multiverse. "You really screwed this up, now you must fix it!" Ah, words of wisdom from an old lady. Her wise words did not stop there, however. The hags knew a lot more about the Missing Eye of Gorgu and the disaster that will befall all creation if it isn't retrieved in time. In fact, they were the ones who prophesied what was to come.

The Missing Eye of Gorgu lies in His domain, Acheron. Reaching the underworld is no easy task, however. To reach their destination, they must enter the River Styx - which happens to be nearby Panshaw. "That's why the orc settlement was there, dummies! Now go back there, get to Acheron and snatch that Eye, or else we're ALL doomed!"

Our (anti-)heroes get the best night of sleep they have ever had and journey back to Flimbey Woods. Ghostly moans are half-heard in the distance "Don't... closer... it's a...", but they're quickly overwhelmed by the sound of flutes in the distance. The adventurers come to find satyrs playing in the woods. "Howdy, weary travelers! You sure look like you need some refreshing rest! Why don't you come and join us in a party in our forest oasis?" "There's no time, we need to find the River Styx right away." "Then it's your lucky day, the oasis is on the way!"

The forest grows brighter, lusher, vivider as the party journeys on. The sounds, smells and colors are enchanting, and our heroes feel entranced. As they reach the oasis, an eerie elf greets them. "I've been expecting you, travelers. I hope you find my oasis to your liking. I have a proposition for you. My nymphs are marvelous, are they not? What do you say, would you like to lay with them? They could be yours - all I ask of you is to bring me the Missing Eye of Gorgu! What do you say?" "No way, José! - crap, we're surrounded!"


- Treant (H)
- Assassin Vine (L)
- Vine Ogre (L)
- Spriggan/Angry Spriggan (S/L)
- Nymph (M)
- Satyr (M)
- Wood Reborn (M)
- Walking Blight (S)
- Pixie (T)
- Verdant King (Boss) (M)
- 12 Objects
- Banzan Hill (Human Monk) (M)
- Enna Flimbey (Firbolg Druid) (M)
- Quierk (Birdman Fighter) (M)
- 4 Busts (All Heroes and Pixie)
- 2 NPCs (Elf Queen and King)

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A Ghostly Odyssey (Apr/21)

As the Verdant King lies slain, an elven ghostly couple materializes. "Thank you, heroes, for putting our tormented son to rest. The River Styx, you say? Why, that is just where we're headed. Finally, the three of us." The adventurers rejoice, finding out they actually did some good this time around. "Beware, though - mighty creatures waylay the outskirts of the entrance to the Underworld." As they're drawing closer to their immediate goal, our heroes face a wide breadth of anthropomorphic foes - lamias, minotaurs, harpies, medusas, centaurs, and also cockatrices. Mighty creatures indeed, but they all paled in comparison to what was to come. "We're nearly there, I can feel the pull of the Styx", said the ghosts. These were their last words - for it was not the pull of the Styx they felt, but the pull of Limos' eternal hunger! The enourmous Hydra gulped down their mortal souls, but it did not sate the monster. No, it craved more, as it always does. Our heroes' odds do not look pretty, as spirits of the dead, water and mountains rise to fight them alongside the multi-headed being. Alas, a light shines in the distance, as a Pegasus Rider descends from the skies and comes to their aid. "Worry not, friends, I have come your aid. The Olympian Gods are with us! You must suceed!"


- Georgios Minoulis (Fighter Human) (M)
- Ciktan (Catfolk Sorcerer) (M)
- Lilli "Oneshoe" Nackle (Gnome Artificer) (S)
- Centaur (L)
- Minotaur (L)
- Medusa (M)
- Masked Undead (M)
- Lamia (L)
- Harpy (M)
- Cockatrice (S)
- Oread (M)
- Naiad (M)
- Lampad (M)
- Olympus Rider (L)
- Hydra (H) (Boss)
- 12 Scenery Objects
- 4 Busts
- Printable Map and Encounter Guide

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Planar Cruise (May/21)

Into the Underworld we go. Our heroes embark on a ferry boat to navigate the river Styx. Their destination may be clear, but these are murky waters, and the way is long, windy and treacherous. An experienced and knowledgeable ferryman is definitely a must if they hope to reach Acheron in time.

Eventually, the adventurers find themselves in a gray waste. In the distance, the forces of order, chaos, good and evil clash - formians, slaadi, demons, devils and deva. This must be Hades. Lucky for them, sinister ferrymen ply the river's length, and they soon find a new "companion" to guide them - for a price. "Acheron, you say? Aye, I can take you there, for some coin. We'll go through Gehenna and reach it in a few weeks. I do not guarantee your safety, though."

A great spinning copper coin spans a portion of the river downstream. "Hang on tight, boys. Gravity is a little different over there. Also, my brethren might be hostile towards you." The boat enters the spinning portal, and the transition is disorienting. Finding out which way is up takes a while, but they find themselves in a volcanic wasteland, in what appears to be a neverending mountain with a 45 degree slope, with some carved artificial ledges to house cities. You might be thinking a river in a 45 degree slope should be pretty fast - and you would be correct. "It's time to go, boys! Look for a bottomless pit with the sound of metal clashing, then jump! It shouldn't be far! Pleasure doing business with ya!"

The heroes curse the ferryman and jump to the volcanic ground. The lava's heat is oppressive, and sweat rolls down their bodies. As they search for the bottomless pit, a full mercenary squad of daemons approaches, and there's nowhere to go. "You're a long way from home, fools. Get them!"


-Baltazar Laxmi (Aasimar Cleric) (M)
-Rogdal Onyx (Earthborn Barbarian) (M)
-Amelia Fade (Human Summoner) (M)
-Nycadaemon (L)
-Mezzodaemon (M)
-Yagnodaemon (L)
-Psicodaemon (M)
-Lasher (L)
-Dhergodaemon (M)
-Hydrodaemon (M)
-Canodaemon (M)
-Arcanadaemon (M)
-Plaguedaemon (M)
-Ultrodaemon (M) (Boss)
-Styx Ferryman (M)
-12 Scenery Objects
-4 Busts
-Printable Map and Encounter Guide

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Of Brains and Tentacles (June/21)


The daemons were no match for our heroes. As the ultrodaemon lies kneeling, pleading for his life, they strike a bargain to be led to the bottomless pit for sparing his existence. It isn't far away, and so they jump. Soon, they find themselves on the plane of Acheron, home of Gorgu, a place where all manner of war instruments lie in a complete mess. Most are broken, some aren't functional, but there are a few gems hidden for those scavengers brave enough to seek. With any luck, our heroes will find the Missing Eye of Gorgu, the artifact prophesied to save the multiverse!

The adventurers feel a mental pull, as if something is calling for them. "Goro, is that you? No... You're not Him, but.... You are Them! Come and find me!" They descend into a crater filled with traps and the remains of previous looters. An uncanny sense tells them where to go, which traps to avoid, until they reach a final gate with an empty bowl linked to it. "You may not be Him, but You've spilt His blood, and now three are One. Quickly, offer your blood, and I will be Yours."

The three adventurers nod to each other and slit their palms on top of the bowl. The gate magically opens, and the Missing Eye of Gorgu is found. "Finally! Through You, I will fulfill my destiny. Gorgu was a Neutral being, but when I was lost, all that remained was Chaotic Evilness. Now, I will infuse You with my power, the power of Lawful Goodness!" As the heroes rejoice, the ceiling trembles, and a thud is heard. "It seems You were just in time. Now, it's time to save the multiverse."

As they leave the cave, alien creatures are spotted crawling out of a landed flying ship. The aliens are dumbfounded when they realize their mental powers are worthless against the adventurers. As they hack and slash their way into the ship, tentacles and brains flying everywhere, they finally reach what appears to be the ship's nucleus, complete with an enormous brain, its most powerful bodyguards and leaders, and a cocoon of pink, organic matter.

"I sense someone is in the cocoon" - says the eye; "We've come too far to fail" - say the adventurers; "Cthulhu fhtagn!"


-Lokdor (Half Giant Psychic Warrior) (M)
-Alberus Ribeirus (Human Wizard) (M)
-Xylith Vrylas (Astral Walker Magic Fighter) (M)
-Chaos Magician (M)
-Cthulhu's Chosen (L)
-Cthulhufolk (M)
-Cthulhu's Mucus (M)
-Grimlock (M)
-Thagquog (M)
-Mythos Amplifier (L)
-Dracthulhu (H)
-Brawny Brain (L)
-Hivemind Mice (M/T)
-Brainy Dog (T)
-Cthulhuean Roper (L)
-Mother Brain (Boss) (L)
-Terrified man (NPC) (M)
-Terrified Woman (NPC) (M)
-13 Scenery Objects
-4 Busts
-Printable Map and Encounter Guide

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