The journey begins!

Our heroes started a journey looking for glory and treasures. Each month, they will fight different and powerful enemies.

The Rebels Strike Back (Dec/21)

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Big Bang Cantina (Welcome Pack)

This is a classic Cantina where our journey begins.

- Bargaining Bounty-Hunter
- Bionic Poliman
- Carousing Mermilian
- Cyber Knight
- Cyberpug
- Drunk Assassin
- Frogniac
- Newst Bassist
- Niwt DJ
- Nuwt Sax Guy
- Security Waiter Bot
- Space Tavern Keeper
- Squidoid Bomber
- Stylommatophoroid
-10 tavern objects

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Savage Outbreak in Space (Sep/21)

Our journey begins with a group of freelancers: a mercenary, a seeker, and a combat-oriented robot. Each has its own motive to join the echelons of the United Milky Way (UMW), and happened to be a part of the Border Expansion Support Unit (BESU). Some are in it for the thrill of exploring first hand what lies on the edges of civilized space, others for the thrill of conflict with hostile aliens, and others for the credits.

BESU received a distress signal from one of the spaceships of the Border Expansion Exploring Unit (BEEU), and so begins our heroes's job. When exploring the current fringes of the UMW for a potentially habitable exoplanet, something went awry, and the BESU was deployed. Not knowing exactly what to expect, our freelancers venture towards the spaceship to help their fellow members, only knowing the spaceship has remained static.

As they emerge out of hyperspace close to the distress signal, the adventurers find the spaceship to be seemingly intact, with no signs of breaches or damage. They decide to board the ship, and there's no resistance as they latch onto it.

Once inside, there's tension in the air. Something is wrong, though they do not what is. As they tactically sweep each corridor so they don't get jumped, a clatter is heard. Their hearts race, as something is up ahead. The heroes' hearts skip a beat as they realize their own former comrades are what is making the noise, except they're no longer alive.

Facing forbidden ancient technology that extends life through undeath, our heroes must put their feelings away while fighting dear friends, and find out the source of the transformation to prevent the further spread of the undead!

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Saurian Native Diplomacy (Oct/21)


With their foes vanquished, the B.E.S.U. squad was free to investigate the scene. No trace of what turned the members of the B.E.E.U. into undead remained, but accessing the ship's terminal provided some clues. Report drafts indicated that the planet — Anrenus, they called it — was inhabited by primitive sentient beings, but it also housed some technological facilities unfitting for the native folk. Some data supposedly came from said facilities, but whatever transformed the expedition members also corrupted the available data. The explorers decided to follow their only lead, and land on the planet to revisit the place and recover the original files.

As they descend, the magnificence of the planet becomes evident. Luscious forests, fed with bright sunlight, with tall trees, and humongous lizard-like lifeforms that could be clearly spotted from high above. The sight of the untouched nature inspires the adventurers — this couldn't be seen anywhere else, and was what made their jobs worth it. The mercenaries fantasize about meeting a new people, who might have never seen anyone from a different planet; a new culture, completely void of external influence; creative architecture, along with religious symbolism; and last, but not least, this mysterious technological facility.

Anrenus seems to be a planet mainly dominated by reptiles and plants, creatures that thrived in a place with so much heat and sunlight abundance. In such a natural environment, a clearly artificial electromagnetic source appears on their radar. The colossal trees greatly reduce the maneuverability of their ship and the electromagnetic interference jumbles their navigational instruments, forcing them to land to pursue the signal. The mercenaries follow it intently, but again and again are set upon by the native wildlife. These aggressive predators attack our heroes, who rely on their technological superiority to dispatch their foes, when possible. Some of the creatures are just so massive and have hides so thick that our heroes are forced to flee through the dense jungle. Again and again, they overcome the opposition, until they finally make contact with Reptilian Humanoids — the Yuanaid.

Protocol states first contact with sentient species should be peaceful, if at all possible, but emphasizes keeping one's guard up. The Yuanaid seemed non-threatening, however, treating the outsiders with adoration, with ritualistic formalities that resembled religious rites. They took our heroes in the same direction the radar pointed towards, so it seemed all was working out in their favor.
As they near the source, the squad is suddenly ambushed by the natives. It turns out all the rites were in preparation for some sacrifice to their gods, some kind of muscular humanoid reptiles depicted in nearby statues. Dispatching the Yuanaid is not particularly hard for our seasoned and well-trained soldiers, but some scratches ensue, which are quickly followed by fever and physical distress. Luckily, they carried medical nanobots that quickly reverse the symptoms when injected.

Finally in their destination, the crew enters an alien facility with strange technology, perhaps even more advanced than their own. The place is unguarded, or perhaps its security was taken down by the former expedition. Reaching the mainframe, which seems to run on solar power, the explorers track the activity of the last visitors, and find the original data, which was corrupted on the ship.
There's information regarding a forbidden kind of technology — indefinite life extension. Fearing for the dystopian possibility of a growing gap between the immortal rich, whose compounding riches would suck up all power, and the common folk, who could never afford immortality, the U.M.W. forbade any kind of research into this subject. It seems, however, some civilization outside of the U.M.W. had already achieved it, and it might be connected with what happened to the B.E.E.U. spaceship filled with unnaturally revived expedition members.

There is also data on the location of this civilization's main technological center, on an asteroid outside the boundaries of the civilized universe. It must be interpreted by specialists, however, and our heroes decide to report everything they found to receive the asteroid's coordinates, and also in case they turn into the next undead. The trip to B.E.S.U. headquarters is uneventful, and U.M.W. agents are currently working on decryption.

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Fear the Eternal Embrace (Nov/21)


"Well done, BESU squad. You will lead the expedition to this technological headquarters as soon as we locate it. Stay put and remember, this is top secret information." - said the general. After a few days, the squad received the coordinates for the asteroid's expected path, and a time window to intercept it and to land on the base.
The soldiers can feel the excitement in their guts, and each one expresses it in a different way. Some choose to do gun maintenance, just to have something to do with their hands; others meditate, to center themselves before the battle; and a few crack open the whisky bottles and cigar boxes, just in case it's their last. When the time comes, however, they're all in the best shape they've ever been, and ready to storm a highly advanced and little known alien technological headquarters, possibly with immortal creatures.
As the spaceship approaches the rogue asteroid, many circuits start to malfunction. A strong magnetic field interferes with the superconductors' conductivity, and the ship collides with the asteroid. As its gravitational pull is weak, no physical harm comes out of the crash, but the adventurers are now stranded and have trouble communicating with home base.
Leaving the ship in their rover and suits, due to the hazardous conditions, the explorers find a few alien creatures unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Coming across life forms that survive on an asteroid’s surface is a rare occurrence, but it seems like this isn’t the product of mere chance — the inhabitants seem to be a mix of several adaptations combined to survive in this place, something that could only be achieved by deliberate engineering. Some are docile, others are aggressive, but none can tear their suits, which would spell doom for the heroes, who wouldn't survive in the vacuum.
Finally, the squad reaches a structure protected by turrets, which heavily damage their rover. After a protracted fight, they reach their destination, even if leaving the place might be difficult. With their ship crashed and the rover destroyed, there's only one way to go now: forward!
Inside the facility, undead minions, grafted with and mutated by alien technology, await, as well as robotic foes. A single hit could prove lethal to our heroes, as their enemies surely can withstand very harsh atmospheres, or the total lack of one. Eventually, they reach the final subterranean chamber, and an imposing creature, with many ducts and wires jutting out from his throne, gazes at them. "You stand before Overlord Kassius. Prepare to cede your life force for my greater good!"

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