We heard you! That's why Loot Studios' NEW PLATFORM is on right now!

And the old one will be shut down on November 12th


A selected group of our community members helped us through the beta test stage... And the result is a fresh new look and new highly requested features, just waiting for you!



Log in to the new platform


⚠️ Note: These instructions are only for your first time accessing the platform, no need to repeat them again!


1. Type in the same email address you used on the old website at this link: https://lootstudios.com/login/forgot-password/ and click "Submit"

2. You will receive an email with a link to create a new password, click on that link. (If the email doesn't appear in your inbox, please check your spam folder)

3. Create a new password and click "Submit".

4. Now use that password and your email to log in at this link: https://lootstudios.com/login/

Go To Loot's New Platform

Things you should know


1. The old website will be discontinued in a few weeks. Don't worry, there will be several announcements about it in our community. And in the meantime, you will have access to both platforms (old and new);

2. All your bundles are already available in your account inside the new platform. If you have any problems accessing bundles you already have, please get in touch with our support team;

3. The option to Cancel a Subscription is not available in the new platform yet. As of now, the best way to do it is to contact support;

4. We've got some requests about an option to download the render images of the bundles. Because of that, they're now displayed and can be downloaded by right-clicking them and then clicking on "Save Image". They're not yet included inside the .zip files of the bundles;

5. The option to purchase an Old Bundle IS available in the new platform. If you do purchase an Old Bundle in the new platform you will also get access to it in the current website.


New Bundles will be available in the new platform first!